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Bluerush, F-One & Manera in North America announce a partnership to take SUP, Kiteboarding and Foiling to the next level in Northern California

Bluerush, F-One & Manera in North America announce a partnership to take SUP, Kiteboarding and Foiling to the next level in Northern California
21 Mar 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight





Bluerush, F-One & Manera in North America today announced a partnership to take Standup Paddleboarding (SUP), Kiteboarding and Foiling to the next level in Northern California.


F-One & Manera will soon be opening a flagship store at the Bluerush location in Sausalito, CA. In 2017 and beyond, Bluerush and its partners will continue to support world class events such as the Battle of the Bay / Watersport Festival, Molokai 2 Oahu, Crissy Kite Race Series, APP Tour, and regional events such as the Santa Cruz Paddlefest (March 24-26th) and the SUP Race Series in the Richardson bay. The Bluerush team will now be competing using F-One & Manera equipment and gear.


Since 2010 Bluerush has been a Northern California leader in the world of Standup Paddleboard and Kiteboarding. Bluerush has always been on the cutting edge of these sports and will continue its tradition of support, management and sponsorship of SUP and Kiteboard race events, SUP and Kiteboard Travel and Elite/Pro Clinics. Bluerush was the first SUP dedicated retailer to open in the San Francisco Bay Area and the first to create and support a SUP and Kiteboard race team of local and world class competitors.


F-One, founded in 1989 by Raphael Salles, has its North American distribution based in South San Francisco, CA. The company has evolved and grown steadily over the years and is now present on every corner of the globe. Raphael is one of the original pioneers of the sport of Kiteboarding, and has developed and designed equipment for Kiteboarding for more than 25 years. Drawing on his experience in watersports, F-One entered the SUP world in 2010 with the same successful approach used in Kiteboarding, aiming for top quality products and high performance. Innovation, based on having the best R&D and Testing team, remains at the core of its success. F-One has also been one of the first companies to produce Foil equipment, first for Kiteboarders and now for Paddleboarders. Manera, an F-One company, produces accessories gear such as wetsuits, bags, harnesses and apparel.


“We are very excited to join forces with Bluerush. We have known the Bluerush team for years, and they are very passionate about water sports, whether SUP, Prone, OC-1, Kiteboarding or Foiling. It takes a lot of energy and effort to organize events, and we have a great deal of respect for Steve’s team who put together some great events that promote and build strong communities around our beloved sports. Having a flagship store is long overdue as we will be able to showcase all the F-One & Manera products in one beautiful space, with water access directly across from our new location. We will offer demo, rentals, clinics and lessons. We want our customers to experience a full immersion into the world of F-One & Manera.” Said Nico Ostermann, F-One & Manera North America.


“The F.One and Manera brands are synonymous with our passion for quality and excitement. As we move into the next phase of our business we could not be more excited and pleased to be partnering with our friends at F-One & Manera North America. The foundation of our passion will always be the universal pursuit of spending memorable time on the water,” added Steve Pugh, Bluerush.


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