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Dry Tech Solutions Expands Their Product Line to Now Manufacturing iSUP's and Accessories for Your Travel Adventures!

22 Mar 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight


They say that a pictures is worth a thousand with that said, enjoy this 3:11 mins of our 2017 Catalog!  You won't be sorry!!!

What we are really promoting here is the "Cool Experience", and "Adventure" that you can have with an Inflatable SUP, AKA iSup!  The practicalities of this type of board is so numerous that there is not enough space in this page to mentioned.  But I will try with just a few words - travel, transportable, space saver, lightweight, all conditions, durable, safe, stiff, fast, un-dingable...ok I'll let you figure out the rest! 

Here at Dry Tech Solutions Inc. we strive to bring our customers the best experience that they can have, by producing the best quality product and the best price!  BTW, all pictures on the Catalog were taken by us and illustrate our "New Products" with us personally using them!!!   Enjoy!  

Aloha & Mahalo, Ken Sein