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  • 18 Aug 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight


    A simple and safe leash control system for improved performance and more efficient paddling.



    Ghost Leash is a sleek and simple mechanical design that allows paddle boarders to better manage their ankle leash to allow for safe and efficient paddling in a wide range of conditions.



    Safety first: wearing a leash is a must! Apart from the safety aspect of Ghost Leash, the system allows riders to use stronger longer leashes without the negative effects of drag.



    Ghost Leash attaches to your waist band or to a belt. To load simply fold the leash and feed it through the mouth of the device until the trailing leash is no longer in the water.



    Ghost Leash has preformed beautifully during the prototype phase. Our next step is creating a mold followed by production. We are working with a manufacturer with a great track record and years of experience in turning prototypes into finished products.

    The challenge in getting Ghost Leash to market is funding, but with your help and the continued rapid growth of the paddle board industry, Ghost Leash can be a huge success. The SUP community is craving innovation as its market expands, and the creators of Ghost Leash are right on the bubble. Our team is well connected and deeply involved in the sport's growth. Many of the world's leading SUP athletes approve of the product and are excited to promote it, so please join us in bringing Ghost Leash to life and improving the SUP experience for all.


    Visit the website for more information:

    Paddle Barbados

  • 09 Aug 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight

    August 9, 2017
    Media Contact
    Tim Braun, b2,inc.
    (970) 618-0080

    Hala Gear Debuts High-Performance Inflatable Designs for Standup Surfers

    Inland and coastal paddlers stoked by new level of speed and agility.

    STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLO. (August 9, 2017) – Steamboat Springs, Colo.-based Hala Gear, the leader in inflatable standup paddleboard innovation and design, debuts a new line of high-performance inflatable SUPs designed for shredding river and ocean waves. Hala Gear introduces four boards for 2017—the Hala Gram, Hala Milligram, Hala Peño, and Hala Carbon Playa—that have elevated the responsiveness and performance of surf-specific inflatables to the level of hardboards.
    “Each of our surf shapes was methodically designed for elite performance on both river and ocean waves,” says company founder Peter Hall. “Carbon construction, low-volume rails, distinctive shapes, tip-to-tail rocker, and an array of fin set ups make our surfing SUPs perform like no other inflatable on the market.”
    Over the past three years standup paddling has been the top outdoor growth activity in the industry, with participation increasing an average of 18 percent, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Hala is addressing this burgeoning participation by meeting the needs of both skilled and new paddlers to the market, with a slew of designs for touring, river paddling, and now, surfing waves of all shapes and sizes.
    The 10’11” Carbon Construction Hala Playa features this, 4.75" rails for a rigid long board feel while holding a line and carving turns; the unique, nut-shaped Hala Gram and Hala Milligram offer the stability and glide of longer boards with the action of shorter boards; and the popular Hala Peño is designed with tip-to-tail rocker and industry-exclusive 3” rails for stomping river surf.
    All four boards also debut construction innovations that increase rigidity, durability and perfromance. The Hala Gram and Milligram employ Hala’s bombproof Core Construction™; the Hala Peño debuts Hala’s patent-pending, high-performance DoubleStack™ Construction; and the Carbon Playa heralds Hala’s new Carbon Construction™, integrating carbon stringers that increase rigidity 300 percent over conventional, non composite-reinforced six-inch-thick inflatables.
    “We’ve been focused on creating shapes and construction processes for people who love to surf waves, fresh or salty,” Hall says. “We’ve accomplished that with this new line. For me it’s one of my favorite parts of the sport.”
    About Hala Gear: Launched in 2011 by Steamboat athlete Peter Hall, Hala Gear, with a meticulous design and testing process, produces a complete array of stand-up paddleboards whose collection delivers maneuverability, stability, performance and durability to whitewater, surfing, touring, racing and expedition categories. Hala boards are performance shaped, super durable, and excel in all waterways.



    River / Ocean surfer

    8’ x 30” x 4.75”
    MSRP: $1,099

    Designed for an ocean surfer who also enjoys playing on the river, this 8’ board surfs like a 6 footer. The slimmed down 4.75” low volume rails on this inflatable carves with a hardboard feel.

    • Core Construction™ 
    • Responsive Nut Shape
    • Full Rocker
    • 4.75” Low Volume Rails
    • Swallowtail
    • 4 Removable Gummy Side Bite Click Fins
    • One 8" Center Flex Fin

    The Gram is super fun to run wave trains and versatile enough to drop into surf spots. This board will be a key piece of equipment when teaching first time surfers and kids.” Hala Team Rider Melanie Seiler




    River Park and Play 
    6’11 x 30” x 4.75”

    MSRP: $999

    A smaller version of the Gram, the Milligram has a similar look with more spunk. It handles a variety of whitewater and fits into ridiculously small pockets, yet also crosses over into surfing short, snappy ocean waves. And the new nut shape makes this board insanely responsive. The Milligram is a feisty little 7-footer that surfs like a 5-footer, packed full of grit for unbeatable surfing.

    • Core Construction™
    • Responsive nut shape
    • Full rocker
    • 4.75” low-volume rails
    • Swallowtail
    • 5 removable gummy side bite click fins
    • One 8” center flex fin

    This board has re-energized my surf season! The 4.75" thickness, or thinness, provides a higher rail performance and the rocker keeps the nose from pearling in short, rowdy waves. Up next: Numbster fins to begin 360 training!” Hala Team Rider Melanie Seiler

    River Surfer / Park & Play Surfboard
    6’11” x 32” x DoubleStack™ 3”+ 3”

    MSRP: $1,299
    The 2017 Peno has been completely recreated to be the best park and play inflatable on the market. Whether it’s a long, fast wave or a steep, thrashy hole, the Peño will dominate like no other freestyle surfer. With design inspiration from new school river SUPs and playboat kayaks, the Hala Peño has full tip-to-tail rocker that keeps the nose from pearling while surfing, and is the only high volume inflatable river surfer that also supplies 3” low volume rails with our patent-pending DoubleStack™ construction. The Peño is the thinnest railed inflatable that carves and freestyles like a hardboard.

    • Core Construction™
    • Patent-pending DoubleStack™ construction
    • Full rocker
    • Responsive shape
    • Squaretail

    The Hala Peño is the best inflatable river surfer on the market. It’s the first inflatable board that I feel like I can really engage the rails for turns. The volume in the tail means you won’t flush, and its rocker lets you fit in anything from steep, green waves to smaller holes. And the fin box options mean you can experiment to find the perfect fin setup for your favorite wave. A lot of thought went into its design." Hala Team Rider Jason Kopp

    Ocean Surf / Touring

    10’11” x 30” x 4.75”
    MSRP: $1,499

    The Hala Carbon Playa is a SUP ocean surfers dream. A high-performance surfboard with Carbon Construction™ that rolls up and travels with you. The Playa is packed full of surprises. It allows you to catch a wave while it’s still just an idea and ride it all the way into the beach. You can to paddle out to that island on the horizon and shred its secluded break, or simply pack a lunch and set out for the day with no plans, knowing the adventure is coming your way. The dynamic Hala Playa is a fun and versatile ocean surfer to shred and tour on.

    • Carbon Construction™
    • Full rocker
    • Dynamic shape
    • 4 soft rigging points
    • 4.75” low-volume rails
    • 2 removable, gummy, side-bite click fins
    • 8” center flex fin

    I tested it on the ocean waves of Dana Point, California, and loved it. It has a completely new feel. It's super responsive and rigid. On swift water it’s fast, nimble and edgy, letting you carve in and out of eddies. And in surf it is a true longboard, allowing for long rides down the line and making it easy to get past the surf zone.” Hala Team Rider Paul Clark

  • 07 Aug 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight




    SUP THE MAG PRODUCT REVIEW:  I'm a big fan of ratchet straps. Until recently, they were the most practical, convenient and turnkey tools for safely securing a stack of boards to the roof of my Subaru. Then I found the Lockrack, and my ratchet straps have been stored under the seat ever since.

    Lockrack is the most basic and effective design we've seen to date for securing, hauling and most practically, locking boards to the roof rack of a SUP ride. The setup takes around 20-minutes to install and once they're on, securely loading a board on the roof is as easy and fast as placing it on the rack and sliding the outboard brace until its snug. With Lockracks, gone are the days of worrying about your boards flying off the roof or getting stolen in the parking lot of your local watering hole.


    Lockracks come in multiple sizes to suit a variety of crafts from surfboard to SUP to kayak. I am able to secure two stacked 12'6″ touring SUPs (each approx. 6″ thick) in the larger model Lockrack, while the smaller model is more suited to a single or double-stack of surfboards. The concept behind the design is simple: Lockrack traps a board or kayak between its opposing arms and pins the crafts against the base of the rack. Sliding the outboard arm in against the craft like a clamp produces a secure grip aided by the rubber coatings of the arms and base. Because of their curved design, the arms create both lateral and downward force to secure the board(s) in place.

    The locking system has us most excited. Unlike straps that can be cut or come undone, Lockrack is made of forged and machined metal that once locked, creates the most secure roof transportation system available. The unit comes with four keys for locking and unlocking the ratcheting arms that secure the craft, a system we found to be incredibly easy and well, turnkey.

    All Lockracks are made from corrosion-resistant, 100-percent virgin materials. These materials ensure a long life for the rack and withstand saltwater and elements encountered in the great outdoors. The rubber used at all four points of contact helps keep your watercraft safe from abrasions and damage that are common when using ratchet straps. The bases can be mounted to any crossbar. They come with T-bolt hardware for crossbars that have the capability and can otherwise be used with an adapter that attaches the base to any factory crossbar.

    While it may not be the lightest weight or least bulky rack system on the market, and though it does require a small setup procedure to get it working right, the Lockrack is the best overall locking roof rack I've encountered. And while this is hardly a swan song to ratchet straps, I probably won't be using them anytime soon with my new Lockrack. It's good to have options. 


  • 03 Aug 2017 by SUPIA Member Spotlight


    Glove International Introduces Ground-Breaking Angler ISUP in 2018

    The Mariner's includes industry-first standard features

    Redondo Beach, Calif. – May 25, 2017 – Body Glove International, a leading watersports and outdoor active brand since 1953, is excited to announce the introduction in 2018 of the Mariner, a new fishing specific inflatable standup paddleboard (ISUP) catering to both casual fishing enthusiasts and hardcore anglers. Designed by paddling champion, avid fisherman and Body Glove Ambassador Luke Hopkins, this feature-rich board is the ideal paddling platform for the active angler. The Mariner is durable, stable, convenient to transport and can be fully equipped. Key features include: 


    •       Multiple attachment points in convenient locations to add any of the 71 RAILBLAZA accessories, such as rod holders, cleat ports, etc.

    •       An anchor line guide system to lower and raise an anchor from the standing position

    •       A cooler tie-down that can accommodate a cooler of up to 45 L

    •       The world’s first patented multi-purpose handle that can carry a paddle during transport or a water bottle while padding for easy access

    •       Three permanent, unbreakable fins for worry-free paddling

    •       Comes with ISUP backpack, pump, adjustable and buoyant three-piece paddle, ankle leash and cell phone dry bag


    “The Mariner is the result of the consumer demand for a world class, angler board that can be fully equipped, at a reasonable price. We simply built upon the winning formula that we have established with our existing ISUPs,” said Luke Hopkins.    

    The Body Glove Mariner will be available in Spring 2018. It will be on display at ICAST 2017 in Orlando, Florida, in the YakGear booth.    


    About Body Glove International

    While 63 years have passed since Bill and Bob Meistrell founded Body Glove, the company still embodies their ambitious spirit of innovation through water sports adventure. Inspired by their legacy, and backed by over 6 decades of quality, Body Glove continues to develop innovative products to enhance your comfort, safety, and fun both in and out of the water. Today, Body Glove remains true to its heritage while evolving to meet the aspirations of the next generation of outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts and adventures.